HI! I'm Tara.
HI! I'm Tara.

Brunch @ Marlowe   |   7.18.15

Organized & hosted a brunch to see what happens when we bring amazing people who do not know each other together. Think of it as a very curated meetup with a touch of unique celebration & surprise. 

Our experience involved creating: table settings, invitations, ambiance, welcome notes, parting gifts, brunch structure, name cards, and a partnership with the restaurant. 

Conversation Recap

Black V-Club  |  Improv  |  Rejection Therapy  |  Tony Robbins  |  TradeCraft  |  YCombinator  |  Every Vowel  |  The Fountainhead  |  Cat's Cradle  |  Shyp  |  5 Second Favor Club  |  Uberpreneur  |  Writing as a form of Inspiration  |  Morning Rituals  |  Packaging & User Eperience  |  Design as a fundamental corporate value  |  Saying Yes  |  The Obstacle is the Way




What an energizing experience. We're so grateful to all who made it possible!

With Love from Your Hosts,

Tara & Juliette