HI! I'm Tara.
HI! I'm Tara.

How I Look at Life

My Philosophy

Lululemon's Manifesto inspired me to make a "vision board" of my own! This is basically how I look at life.

My Top Values

In college, after reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I sat down and wrote down my values & principles. Here's what is important to me & how I prioritize my life.  

People Above All: People will always come first – in life and work. People are the most precious and delicate resource

Integrity & Honesty: Distinguish right from wrong, do the right thing, make and keep promises to myself

Family & Unconditional Love: Family is central & eternal, love unconditionally always

Health & Well Being: Health is freedom.

Sense of Humor & Laughter: Laugh more than I talk

Reflection & Personal Development: Always keep growing, train the muscle of the brain, be honest with myself, always move forward

Joy: Everything should be fun. Smile.