The 5 Best Grass Fed Burgers in San Francisco

The 5 Best Grass Fed Burgers in San Francisco

1. Nopa: Wood Grilled Hamburger

Nopa Burger πŸ“·

Nopa Burger πŸ“·

O.M.G. Do it. It's worth it. That's all I have to say. Nopa is unreal.

Price: $17

How to get it in your hands: No take out & Nopa reservations are booked a month in advance. You basically have 2 options. go to Open Table (or their website) & make a booking for sometime in the future - generally there are free reservations on off nights around 8PM. OR you can drop in, put your name down, and go grab a coffee / drink nearby & wait it out. I've successfully done both of these things. Bonus - they also serve the burger for brunch, which is sometimes easier to drop in on. 

2. 4505 Burgers & BBQ: The Best Damn Grass Fed Cheeseburger

4505 Meats's "best damn grass fed cheeseburger"    πŸ“·   DoorDash

4505 Meats's "best damn grass fed cheeseburger"   πŸ“·  DoorDash

"Quarter pound grass-fed patty with lettuce, onion, gruyere cheese, and secret sauce on a buttery, griddled sesame & scallion bun." Yes, please. Also, this bun is everything.

4505 is basically across the street from can two of the most delicious burgers be so close?! I'm a bit jealous of the residents of NoPa (North of Panhandle)... PRO TIP: Order a single with bacon (+$2) and avocado (+1 I think?). You won't be disappointed. 

Price: $9.75 / $13.75 for Single / Double

How to get it in your hands:  This has been many a late night burger for me thanks to Uber Eats. ($4.99 delivery fee + tax) Also their flagship 4505 Burgers & BBQ Restaurant in NoPa has both take out and sit down options. You can call in, give your credit card, and pick up this beaut in 10 mins. πŸ‘πŸ½  Also these guys are on Caviar, but I don't recommend it because I've had pretty bad experiences w/ the service -- Uber Eats is much more reliable. 

3. Roam: 100% Grass Fed Beef Burger (any of them!)

Roam Beef Burger    πŸ“·  TriPont Homes

Roam Beef Burger    πŸ“·  TriPont Homes

Roam is my go to spot for a casual dinner w friends. Can't get enough of this place! Bonus: they have kombucha on tap, the best sweet potato fries ever, and are open till 10PM. Oh, and they also have bison, turkey, elk, and veggie burgers. (though none are as high quality as the 100% grass fed beef)

Price: $10.95 on average

How to get it in your hands:  They have two locations in the city: one on Fillmore in Lower Pac Heights & one on Union in the Marina. You can call in & pick up for take out or sit down & eat. Unfortunately no Uber Eats, Caviar, etc yet.

4. Belcampo: Double Fastburger

This is the In-n-Out burger of your dreams. The double fastburger is grass fed mouth watering perfection. They also have a bomb beef burger & an unreal lamb burger. Bonus: Belcampo is one of the only spots in the city you can get a cup of bone broth!

Belcampo has their own farm up north (near Mount Shasta!) where they get all of their meats from. The quality is exceptional. From their site:

"Belcampo takes an old-fashioned approach to meat. We raise it on our own land. We process it in our own facility. We cut it by hand in our own butcher shops. We create simple, perfectly cooked dishes in our restaurants. By being directly involved in and taking care of every aspect of getting our meat to you, we’re making sure that every bite of Belcampo meat will be the best you’ve ever had."

Price: $9.50

How to get it in your hands: Belcampo has a bunch of locations all over the Bay Area & even in LA! My two fav spots are at The Yard next to the Giants Stadium in Mission Bay - has a beautiful outdoor seating area & lawn games - and in Russian Hill / on Polk at the Butcher Counter. Both are casual - you can walk up / walk in & order. They also deliver on Caviar (not highly recommended...).

5. Popsons: Double Cheeseburger

Popsons Double Cheeseburger πŸ“·  Eventbrite

Popsons Double Cheeseburger πŸ“·  Eventbrite

Popsons is a new kid on the block and def living up to the hype! Bonus: they do chili cheese burgers & mushroom truffle burgers... From their website: "Being raised in San Francisco means that there are some standards we don’t think twice about: seasonal, sustainable, local, and compostable." 

Price: $6.25 / $8.70 for Single / Double (more for special burgers) 

How to get one in your hands: They're located super conveniently across the street from the Caltrain! You can def sit down (extremely casual) and eat or get one to go. So huge plus if you're in SoMa / commute. They're also on Uber Eats & Caviar. 

RUNNERS UP (because there are SO MANY good spots in SF!)

  • Ameican Eatery Prather Ranch Meat Co
  • ABV
  • Red Dog
  • Garaje

Other Spots for High Quality Meats

  • Spinnerie
  • Cafe Reveille
  • Vestry @ The Chapel
  • The Counter
  • Mission Heirloom
  • Limon Rotisserie (free range chicken)
  • Tava (grass fed lamb)
  • Whole Foods (their deli / sandwich shop) 
  • Chipotle
  • Universal Cafe
  • Farmhouse Thai
  • Split Bread
  • Super Duper Burger
  • Alfred's Steakhouse
  • Bluestem Brasserie
  • The Plant Cafe Organic
  • Dusty Buns Bistro
  • Asian box SF
  • Souvla SF
  • LYFE Kitchen
  • Tender Greens
  • Local Kitchen
  • The Perennial
  • Fine and Rare SF
  • HeyDay
  • Green Chile Kitchen
  • The Little Chihuahua
  • Calibur
  • Picnic on Third
  • Boxed Foods Co
  • Kasa Indian Eatery (Diestel Turkey) 
  • Causewells 
  • KronnerBurger
  • Cockscomb