Tea Lounges

I've been getting really into tea lounges lately. Something about the craziness of San Francisco coffee shops has pushed me towards finding peace in public spaces. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my coffee & you can always find me at a Philz. However, I feel like coffee shops have evolved from:

A place to get coffee  --> To a place to sit & read a book --> To a place to do work --> To a place to meet with people --> To a networking hub

There's so much buzz and energy and excitement in coffee shops - especially in the Bay Area, and I LOVE IT. The only issue is I can rarely just sit down and read or do work there anymore.  

Enter my latest obsession: Modern Tea Lounges

My Friday Afternoon @  Samovar Tea Lounge  in Yerba Buena Gardens: Masala Chai & Avocado Toast w/ Smoked Salmon

My Friday Afternoon @ Samovar Tea Lounge in Yerba Buena Gardens: Masala Chai & Avocado Toast w/ Smoked Salmon

I've been exploring for the last few weeks - from the more traditional Tea Oasis to the trendy Samovar Tea Lounge...and they're all SO awesome. There's something about the modern tea lounge that is just so freeing. I can sit and savor my tea and get some of my best thinking / brainstorming / product revelations out. 

I remember when I was traveling through South East Asia after I graduated from college, my two friends and I got stuck overnight in Guangzhou on our way from Hong Kong to Vietnam. The airport was chaotic to say the least. But we somehow stumbled upon a gift shop selling tea. They ladies who worked there sat us down and showed us how to perform a traditional tea ceremony - sipping from itsy-bitsy cups & sitting on the floor. It was a crazy juxtaposition of peace in the middle of this ridiculously busy airport. I remember being fascinated with the process & the inherent feeling I got when drinking tea. Now, in Sf, I feel that same peace in the middle of chaos whenever I step inside a tea lounge. 

Next Adventure: Red Blossom in Chinatown

Next Mission: Discover or start a tea lounge that caters to modern life - i.e. can we create that peaceful atmosphere that still caters to having conversations or doing work?